Dock to Table

Sourced – Raised – Harvested


Our seed is sourced from regional hatcheries; we work closely with the hatcheries to ensure we source the best seed possible for our oysters. We partner with local hatcheries to ensure the authenticity of our Chincoteague Salt Shaker Oysters.


Fed by two inlets, our farm is located within 20 miles of Ocean City, MD adjacent to Assateague Island National Seashore.

All of our growing, processing, and handling is done on our work boat, The Audrey Grace.  

and grown from 2mm spat to 3″ in an average of 2 years.

Grown in the channel that runs from both inlets , our off bottom cage cultured oysters remain fat and briny due to the depth of water they are grown in. Tumbled at specific intervals to ensure a cupped and uniform oyster.


To ensure freshness, we always do same day harvest with our distribution network.  Same day harvest and delivery guarantees all customers the freshest Dock to Table

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